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May 29, 2010
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Metroid : Armored Heart by Arrarra Metroid : Armored Heart by Arrarra
Recently, I bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy game for my Wii. As a huge Metroid fan, I had to. After days and days of intensively playing, I finally managed to obtain the famous "Mission Complete" on every three games. The only one I never actually played before was MP2... Still don't konw why.

So here it is, I feel like I had to draw something Metroid-related, to show the world how much I love these games... As I couldn't decide between every design of Samus' Power Suit, I decided to draw them all... Here is the order from top to bottom :

Power suit -> Gravity suit -> Dark suit -> Varia suit -> Light suit -> PED suit -> Phazon suit -> Fusion suit -> Zero suit.

As I didn't want to draw the Varia suit three times and just change its colors, I tried to create my own design on the Gravity and Phazon suit. I also made some changes on the Light suit and Zero suit.

Can't wait for Metroid Other M to show up ! Gonna be awesome.

And you ? Which of Samus' suits do you like the most ? :)

(Done while listening the "Relic of the Chozos" album from OCRemix. Great music !)
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Xhydralisk Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to say, I liked Samus' Dark Suit and Fusion suit.
*counts on fingers*  I think you forgot one.  Or do you count the Hazard Shield as an add-on not a suit?
Also, I like the PED Suit.
Arrarra Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, since the Hazard Shield consists only in a very slight change of the overall design of the PED suit, I didn't consider it to be a proper suit. It's actually not called a suit : it's only a shield. :)
Fair enough.  I like the idea of all the suits being different besides color.
So did you like Other M?
Arrarra May 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As a matter of fact, I didn't. Gameplay was refreshing but repetitive and, in some occasion, pretty unresponsive. But the biggest bummer was the story (How did they screw up so much what was basically a Metroid Fusion rip-off ?) and the characters (which got a lot of development, but in the wrong direction).
So no, didn't like it so much. But at least it was kinda fun to play, the first time. Also, no Metroid news since, which is worrying.
Laharl234 Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I actually did like Other M. It was relentlessly hard, but the story and character development made it very much worth it. Don't really see how they could be "developed in the wrong direction" considering they can do what they want with their characters.
Arrarra Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
By "in the wrong direction", I meant "in the opposite direction than the one they had been following for years".
Sure, anyone in charge of character development can do anything they want, but if the characters suddenly start behaving in a totally different way than before, then it's not okay, it's just incoherent. In every Metroid games thus far, Samus Aran has been a very though character, never showing her emotions, never speaking unless she really has to. She was cold as ice and virtually unmovable, except in very rare occasion. Those occasions when she showed a glimpse of emotion, were always very powerfull, because they were so rare.
Now scratch every last bit of this character description : in Other M, Samus talks constantly, is found helpless in many occasion, going as far as having a mental breakdown in front of Ridley (whom she met and defeated before). She's overly emotionnal and she lost most if not all of her independance. See what I mean ? The team behind Other M had every right to take Samus' character in any direction they wanted. But the one they chosed was incoherent with what had been done before, and made Samus a very blend and generic character. Them being allowed to do it doesn't mean we have to like this new characters.
Arrarra Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay. You blocked me. You prevented me to answer your comment. You must be the most wonderful person in real life... I guess now  I'll have to accept your opinion to be true, since I have no other choice.
You know, I think I'll just copy-paste my answer here. You may not be interested in continuing this debate, but I am.

Here goes my message :

Yes, sometimes, those vicious little things we call "debates" have an unfortunate tendancy to lead toward the sudden realization that you're -gasp !- wrong. But hey, I'll take the risk ; we started what's growing to become an interesting debate, and your point of view (notice the choice of word ?) is really interesting.

Okay. Then.

First, there's a huge difference between characters like Samus and Link. Link speaks. You (the player) simply do not hear what he says, because his words are only implied. Same goes for other silent characters like Gordon Freeman, Chronos, etc... They are silent on your screen, but in the game's universe, they do speak : other characters often answer them. Samus is different : she can speak, and she occasionnaly does so. The reason she doesn't speak for most of the games is because she really doesn't speak in the game universe. She doesn't speak to Ridley, nor to Mother Brain or other antagonists. She just shows up and blows shit up. That's why I (and most other players) considered her a badass before other M : she never showed any emotion, any mercy. And I can't stress this enough : it's not a narrative choice, it's what she really did. In Metroid fusion, she occasionnaly had inner monologue (mostly in elevators, we're all the same for this). During those inner monologues, she showed incomprehension, and a fierce resolution to take back her powers and destroy Sa-X, even if at the beginning, she acknoledges that she too weak to do so.
On this point, I don't think I'm making assumptions. You, on the other hand, consider the story from the manga to be the ultimate canon. I read it and, sincerelly, it seemed to me that it was like any other video game mangas : a rushed story, and more of an attempt to create merchandising than a real will to write a powerfull story. In my library, I have a Zelda OOC manga in which Sheik is an ally to Ganondorf, since Zelda suffered a memory loss. That's not what was in the game. And mangas does that all the time, in an attempt to surprise the reader. On a more personnal side, as I said, I read the Metroid manga : it's bad. I didn't even finish it, and I'm a die-hard Metroid fan.

You say that a typical bounty hunter type character is generic. It would be, if Samus was a guy. But to me, making her overly emotionnal, entirely dependent of the male figure ("Samus, you have my permission to wear you fire-repelent armor !"), and throwing in that a mother complex on top of that make her, basically, no different from every female character, ever. I don't want Samus to be a male with boobs ; but no one so affected by her surrounding would ever be able to do everything she did. To survive every mission, to defeat everyone of her opponent. Her personnality in other M just doesn't fit with the brutal determination her actions showed in every episode of the Metroid saga.

All of this is my opinion. You liked other M ? Great ! But I did not. My problem with it is not that it broke what I thought was canon. The writing was just bland, the scenario uninteresting, the characters very cliché, and overall, I felt the game was not nearly as good as any of the previous ones, in any aspect.

(Sorry if those huge blocks of text are not too easy to read. I'm still struggling with english.)
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